Dito sa Tumblr, mahirap maging lalaki eh- may mga manghuhusga.

"because it’s a right thing to do."

bitch. Seriously, you can’t justify it by all means that a woman is inherently weak and fragile. They’re capable of being strong and can be as bossy as men. I don’t even understand why’d the government allotted a section, in the constitution, for women wherein another section already negates the idea of specializing the needs for a specific gender. We’re equal and no one has the right to say that a certain sex has a predetermined fate to remain silenced and be under the opposite sex. Feminism is not equality, it’s about uplifting attention towards women in a patriarchal society, treating them like weak and must-be-carefully-treated beings. Giving them special rights is not enough. If we value our women, give them equality; not rights.

Whatever, still.

It looks like eventually I will be reaching the cul-de-sac of my writing endeavor. Or maybe I’m just running out of content to show. Maybe I should start with something new or something out of my genre. 

Safe return?

I’m still on rough waters. There is still no clear path  to go to. It seems like I would be having no guarantee of returning back to making letters to myself and people around here. 


this person was at ozine yesterday someone please tell me who it is this is very important

Hinanap ko ang halimaw na picture na ‘to. 


this person was at ozine yesterday someone please tell me who it is this is very important

Hinanap ko ang halimaw na picture na ‘to. 

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Ang aking tala ay malamang ay namatay na. Ang pagkinang nito’y unti-unting naglalaho na parang isa na lamang larawang naaagnas kasama ng panahon. Tumatanda na ako. Tumigil na ang aking pag-ikot at pagsayaw sa awit ng pagkabata. Naging itim na ang puting krayola. Marahil panahon na upang maging matanda?

"Pakiramdam ko mas tatalino ako kapag puro Latin phrases lang ang inaatupag ko,"


Sic semper Tyrannis. 


Nais kong matuklasan ang mga nakakubling yaman sa daigdig. Maliban pa roon, ang mga pangyayaring magaganap sa aking paghimlay. Bukas ang mga mata sa sekwensiya ng bawat bahagi ng buhay. Bukas ang pandinig sa mga bulong ng isip ng iba. Bukas ang pandama sa nakaraan, kasalukuyan at hinaharap ng sansinukob. 

Ngunit pansin ko na ang pagdami ng mga mapaninlang na nilalang. Madali nang magpaniwala sa mga bagay na binubulalas ng bawat isa. Ang mahinang tinig ay natatakpan ng malakas na sigaw ng isang latang babad sa hangin. Sa pagdami ng mga nakalilitong sabi-sabi, hindi na alam ng isang karaniwang tao ang dapat gawin. Kaya nga may gasera tayo upang makita ang hinaharap na tatahakin. May mga taong binigyan ng liwanag, sila ang pakinggan, tulungan at samahan. 

Ngunit wala pa rin akong alam.

almostwholesome said: iloveyou

Labis kitang mahal kahit patay na ang pagsuyo mo. 

Going insane.

A pandemonium of a single shout turned into a modicum of sheer fuss in my thoughts. This was just the heat talking, I thought. No man can ensure the totality of redemption of an enigmatic mind. I, pondering, looking at the coal black darkness of the heavens colored by the celestial cycle, seeing the universe unfolding itself to reveal its answer which I am longing for a protracted epoch. Bitterness and sorrow consumed my fortitude and brought forth a new syntagm of thoughts given life anew. My brain feels the thud. I tremble in fear. 

I, bloodied inside, sat alone in the middle of the quiet hysteria. 


I therefore conclude that I am truly random when it comes to volition. I intend to follow my will without thinking about the results. I find it difficult to make others comprehend how my nature works and make myself be useful to them. I have a queer devotion to atrocity of the human mind but left neglected the possible and probable outcomes of this scheme. I believe in an never-ending cycle of admiration and hate towards people. I think others just find it hard to see how life and consciousness within it got its machine like process turns out to be. Our life is a struggle and our senses are the windows to this unfathomed being.

I stared into the void. I really don’t know what to think or decide what will I do next. There is a incremental pain I feel each day. Even when I type this long form I do not want my story to end.